Vaughnet Notes

Created by: Henry Vaughan
Structure: Quatrain, couplet, and two quatrains
Meter: Pentameter or Decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: abab cc dede fgfg


Chipmonk Bouquet by Larry Eberhart

I love my Tess, I love my Tess, I do.
I must confess it is sweet Tess, I crave.
She rubbed my nose so I suppose love’s true.
She’s crazy over flowers, she does rave.
“The flower power is most sensual.
but neat- it is; they’re sweet and edible.”

So what we’ll do- if fine with you- I say-
Is place my face right here with baby breath.
to frame my fame in cellophane bouquet.
She’ll giggle, laugh or else be scared to death.

But she’s the one, I want to share my nuts.
She’s cute, a beauty really with filled cheeks.
I need to succeed; no ifs ands or buts.
If this works fine she will be mine for keeps

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