Building the Muscles

Building the Muscles
Form: Free Verse

To the child inside
left with sorrow and woe
because your courage
couldn’t say “No”
and so-called friends
said do this
do that
be this
be that
or we won’t be your friend
courage failed to say “No”
it’s okay
it was the time you needed to fit in
go with crowd
go with flow
and you thought it wrong to say “No”
and when it really doesn’t feel right
it’s okay not to fight
for nothing changes over night
and courage takes time to build
so don’t be ashamed of not saying “No”
instead let your heart work out
little steps of baking away
from all that is wrong for you
each time a little bit more
your courage is strong
and the time is right
to simply say “No, you are wrong”
and walk away


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