Following Fry

Following Fry
Form: Ballad

“Now gather round and let me tell
The tale of Danny Wise
And how his sweet wife Annabelle
Did suck out both his eyes

And if I tell the story true
And if I tell it clear
There’s not a mortal one of you
Won’t shriek in mortal fear”

Stephen Fry

I don’t believe it could be true
That Stephen would scare me
A clever man, what can’t he do
Perhaps it’s fight or flee
Sweet Annabelle, a vampire queen
Is this a truth defined
She sucked his eyes so wasn’t seen
It’s easier when they blind
Of this I have no little doubt
But how to get the eyes
To succeed needs the eyeballs out
She needs a sly disguise
She charmed him with her loving way
‘til he said “Marry me,
I’ll love you ‘til my dying day”
How soon that came to be
As they slept on their wedding night
The unholy deed was done
His sleeping eyes, she took his sight
And it’s dinner for one


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