One of the Boys (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

One of the Boys
Form: Cornish Sonnet 1

I never was a girl for the Barbie pink
Just another thing that didn’t feel right
Back then the shades of pink made my heart sink
Without understanding the reasons why
A colour can bring the heart to such plight
With only confusion my tears to cry
All I ever wanted was shades of blue
To echo feelings that lived inside me
Even then it was something I just knew
I didn’t want dolls or the other girl toys
All of that just was not how it should be
When I should have been just one of the boys
I never was a girl for the Barbie pink
All I ever wanted was shades of blue

Time: 8 minutes, 20 seconds

Word count: 116


14 thoughts on “One of the Boys (Simply 6 Minutes)

        1. Back in the dark days of ignorance, we won’t go there. I use ignorance as little was understood about transgender, and what little was known related to trans women. The press may have been not so wonderful but it was there, Nothing was ever said about transgender men, and for me that meant people like me didn’t exist.. Having the awareness has made understanding of self easier – and that is an enormous step in the right direction. Even now though, the media stir it up against trans women and forget trans men exist.

          There is another side to that coin which is during transition it is somewhat easier for trans men socially to simply just blend in without being noticed. I can honestly say I had no problems in the work place or going out etc. The payback is that gender reassignment for men takes a lot longer and involves more surgical intervention and, therefore, carries a greater demand on the body.

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            1. I am a trans man, post-transition now, so yes being in my 50s, know how grim it could be back in the day. I am one of the lucky ones, my family stuck with me, the parents struggled with things, but they stuck with me. And my sons – I’m still the proudest mama on the planet, they are great lads.

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              1. I don’t want to be inappropriate but you are the first person I have ever known to go through even the start of this life change. I give you a lot of credit. Thankfully your family is and was supportive. I’m sure that made it at least a tiny bit easier.

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