Lady of Darkest Night

A Garret Poet

Lady of Darkest Night
Form: Sonnet

My lady of the darkest night who graced my heart with fear,
conceals her secret thoughts within my pain, and in my love
the hunger grows, for there is poison in her tender touch.
The wounds that pierce my heart each night as she is drawing near,
should she embrace my soul and bring me to the worlds above
where dreams come true, or she'll refuse my heart that loves too much.
My eyes reveal unspoken words that tell of my desire
while crying for her love behind my mask of passion's fire.
Yet in the blackened shadows of my heart, I know she's here,
torment entwining dreams with nightmares, her sweet lullabies.
My words erased by futile fears, she leaves an icy tear
to stall the beat within my heart, I'm deaf to whispered sighs.
My lady of the darkest night, my love…

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