Arrival (Writephoto)

Approach – KL Caley

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

Form: Italian Octave

Inside the chaos breached the no-stress
Carefully planned now messed up out of sight
The king is coming and nothing is right
Now the Lady Clare demands her coatdress
Despite the butler’s stern morning address
When will the tables be set for tonight
In their freshly pressed cloths of perfect white
But the Lady Clare must have her coatdress
The king will be here by the light of moon
The butler says ‘He’s just coming for tea,
Nothing more or less, a catastrophe’
The sky is getting darker far too soon
There’s not much left of the long afternoon
A clatter of hooves, it’s his majesty
And the Lady Clare bobs in a curtsey
And he takes her hand out beneath the moon
And the butler stares after in agape
All his preparations simply ignored
If it drops lower his mouth will be floored
His tables and chairs finally shipshape
Yet his majesty had made his escape
To the heart of the lady, he adored
The night takes on a romantic accord
A king’s palace will be the new landscape


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