What of the Fish?

What of the Fish?
Form: Sestina

Sunlight glistens after the rain
As the stormy clouds clear
The air scented by purity
Freshness without chemicals
And in the rivers swim the fish
Free to explore the new water
But the drought comes, there’s no water
Wispy clouds offer no rain
And as rivers dry what of the fish
How do they escape to the waters clear
Away from humanity’s chemicals
Cleansing the earth for purity
The quest for unnatural purity
Quenching thirst with cleansed water
While swallowing unknown chemicals
Yet never tastes as good as the rain
After the heat of days too sunny and clear
And let’s not forget the fish
And in garden ponds swim fish
Reflecting the light of nature’s purity
Colours orange, red and yellow shine clear
In the flow of the water
Refreshed and renewed by the rain
And no one considers chemicals
Humanity’s pollution with chemicals
The rivers poisoned with the fish
As the earth is purged by acid rain
Where is the so-called purity
When death flows in the water
Yet the rivers run clear
Is it too late for thinking clear
On the effects of manmade chemicals
And fertilizers bleeding into the water
In the rivers where there are no fish
Is there sense to this purity
If it brings contaminated rain
Rivers running clear refreshed by poison rain
Too many chemicals do not give purity
When free-flowing water carries no fish


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