Game Night (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Game Night
Form: Heroic Stanza 2

We’re making plans before we start to play
Predictions of what moves to make and when
But chance rolls the dice, it’s all luck, what then
When a double caught me on the wrong foot
I drew the card that says pay a big fine
That wasn’t part of the great master plan
And some gaming cash now sits in the pan
Another throw and I am off to jail
Another player’s turn buys up Pall Mall
But a Chance card then lands him in the nick
I’m out to see what spaces I can pick
As the game plays out the plans are all lost
What game is a foot I can hear you ask
While circuiting the board, gathering loot
My silver piece shaped like an old tramp’s boot
Monopoly, my dear, but you knew that


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