Blinded In Chains

A Garret Poet

Blinded In Chains
Form: Free Verse

I see rainbows of death,
vibrant rainbows, arcing towards innocent souls.
A god stands at the centre, calling out the names
as one by one they enter,
consumed in black clouds.

I am called.

I feel pain,
drug crazed visions of searing pain.

Waking up,
aroused by disordered senses,
excruciations of torture
before darkness.

Staring through windows in naked despair,
abandoned by hope
I only see death.
Death, shrouded by blood and tears,
shaking his head in irony.

Limp limbs saccade,
I'm alive again.

Flames burning my eyes,
disordered senses, screaming desperation

kill me!

In darkness,
sadistic parasites feed their greed for suffering,
without mercy,
agonised games that never kill,
unheard voices screaming into the night.

Unconscious release,
respite, sweet sanctuary
I awake,
blinded in chains…

…and the games start again


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