Out of the Box (JustJoJan)

Inspired by and written for JustJoJan – thank you, Linda

Prompt: Out of the Box

Form: Free Write

To be out of the box one first must be in the said box. The box, that safe place that gives us breathing time, time to pull the mess we make of living back together. So, it is not such a bad place and we all need our boxes at times.

However, it is not a good place to stay if we are going to actually do the living thing. So, I look at that box, that safe space, as a bit like a flat-pack box I can collapse and carry with me and put up real quick if I need to.

As a writer, the box is something different. Thinking outside the box is part of the job so to speak, but so is thinking in the box – it all depends on what I am writing about. When I am writing about art, I must stay true to what I see and that means staying in that damn box and not getting all fancy and flowery about it.

Of, course, art can also inspire me, and then I get out of the box and go into creative writing. For creative writing of poetry and fiction, it is a case of folding that box up and shoving it deep under the sofa where I can’t get to it. It is the only way I can explore ideas that come into my head, dust off the manky cobwebs and go with it, exploring the idea and writing it. I write fantasy – believe me I have never met an Orc, well, I don’t think I have, but I have written about them

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