Well, That Was Different

I wasn’t expecting to see the New Year in as I was already knackered by 7pm. I wasn’t expecting to collapse on my kitchen floor either. Not sure what got me, some nasty lurgi, my diabetes, or overdoing it. A combo most likely.

Whatever it was, I have lost two days completely sleeping and sweating the nasties out. My blood levels are back up to normal, and I have had the best cup of tea ever. My housemate and son have done an awesome job of looking after me and for that, I am so very grateful. Some debts can never be repaid

For me, this is the first day of 2023 and I wish all my readers a wonderful prosperous year, I hope it started better for you. Today is also the completion of another circuit around the sun for me and as I know some of you know that I promise no cakey-time until the weekend, I will be taking life slowly for a day or three.

Love and light

14 thoughts on “Well, That Was Different

    1. Thank you. I’ve lived with ‘delights’ of diabetes most my life and mostly with no serious issues, but I still won’t say it is a good friend to have. I can’t complain as I ma not insulin dependent (yet?) and will fight all the way to avoid that


  1. Dear Jez I am so sorry to hear this.. God bless you, your son and house mate. I am sending you loads of hugs and good vibes! Please be safe, happy and healthy…..love you loads πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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