Walking Woman by Alexander Archipenko

Walking Woman by Alexander Archipenko

Walking Woman
Denver Art Museum, USA

“Walking Woman” follows the cues of Cubism, in an abstract sculpture that deconstructs the figure of a woman by piercing holes in the head and torso, reversing the roles between convex and concave forms. Archipenko’s introduced the void as a sculptural element, instead of a unified whole, “Walking Woman” replaces solidity with voids, using the space to model the figure’s head. By breaking with the conventions of sculpture Archipenko reassessed the relationship between mass and void.

Alexander Archipenko 1887-1964

Alexander Archipenko
Born: 30 May 1887, Kyiv, Ukraine
Nationality: Ukrainian-American
Died: 25 February 1964, New York, USA

Archipenko was an avant-garde artist, sculptor, and graphic artist. He was among the first to apply Cubism to architecture, sculpture, and analyzing the human figure into geometrical forms