Joy Reclaimed

Joy Reclaimed
Form: Free Verse

I don’t hate you because I don’t love you
I feel nothing for you because my emotions
are too precious to waste
on nothing
I don’t want to talk to you
because I don’t have time to waste my breath
and have better things to do
and I am not sorry
that I walked away
it is what I needed to do
because being alone is better than nothing
and if you see a smile on my face
know it’s because I walked away
turned my back on your skies of grey
to lift my face to my skies of blue
and reclaim my joy
that you thought you could strip from me
but happiness was never in your hands
as hands of nothing don’t do much
my happiness was always my own
and the strength within me
so, there is nothing to look back on
as I ain’t going that way


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