Rock – Ploumanac’h by Eileen Agar

Rock – Ploumanac’h by Eileen Agar

Rock – Ploumanac’h
Watercolour, bodycolor, chalks, pen, and ink
Private Collection

“Rock – Ploumanac’h” portrays a cluster of rocks against a background of blue sea and green sky. Created by Agar in the last years of her life it is based on a work from her much better-known set of photographs of Brittany’s Ploumanac’h coastline taken while she was on holiday with her partner Joseph Bard in 1936.

Eileen Agar
Surrealism, Modern Photography, Performance Art
Born: 1 December 1899, Buenos Aries, Argentina
Nationality: British-Argentinian
Died: 7 November 1991, London, UK

Eileen Agar 1899-1991

Agar was a painter and photographer most often associated with the Surrealist movement. As with many female artists of the time, Agar has often been defined by the male company she associated with rather than her creative output. She was one of the most adventurous and influential Surrealist artists in Britain, with a prolific working energy that she sustained well into her eighties. Agar’s free-flowing practice through painting, photography, sculpture, and collage was diverse yet bound together by her emphasis on the germinal power of the imagination