The Door by Ivan Albright

The Door by Ivan Albright

The Door
Magic Realism
Oil on canvas
The Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Standing at eight feet tall and three feet wide “The Door” took ten years of painstaking work and was based on a collection of found objects. The painting went on to earn first-place awards at major exhibitions in New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia in 1941. Albright portrays an ornate door hung with a funereal wreath.

Ivan Albright 1897-1983

Ivan Albright
Magic Realism, American Realism
Born: 20 February1897, Illinois, USA
Nationality: American
Died: 18 November 1983, Vermont, USA

Albright was a painter, printmaker, and sculptor best known for his self-portraits, still lifes, and character studies. Considered to be the master of the macabre Albright is often categorized among the Magic Realists due to his techniques and dark subject matter

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