Leftovers for Christmas (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Seriously, last week I did the English Canadian, and this week the Italian Canadian – the only difference is the structure of the presentation. However, I discovered a new word for my vocab. Sometimes, writing sonnets feels samey. Thank you, Christine – have a blessed Yule xxx

Leftovers for Christmas
Form: Canadian Sonnet (Italian)

Insane panic buying of toilet paper
As if one hundred rolls is covidsafe
Even soft tissue can begin to chafe
A world in chaos with this right caper
Did you sterilize after wiping ass
Before going outside without a mask
That did far better at meeting the task
For a virus that cares not about class
Leftover rolls clogging up the attic
Quelle surprise! That so many didn’t get used
And we are reeling, feeling so confused
What to do with this stuff bought in panic
It’s Christmas and the tree is out of sight
Get crafty with loo rolls and some lamp light

Word Count: 104
Time: 6 minutes 40 seconds (oh bugger!!)


8 thoughts on “Leftovers for Christmas (Simply 6 Minutes)

  1. This is one of my favorites!!!!!!!! 🤣 It’s amazing that you turn each one into a sonnet. The closest I came to doing things the “same way” was when I was doing my Cat in the Hat fan fiction poetry. The line that got me was “did you sterilize after wiping ass”…😂

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