Treasure Hunt

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Treasure Hunt
Form: English Ode Stanza

In the days of Arabian Knights
And mysterious desert lands
Beneath the skies of Persian lights
Genies lived in lamps buried in the sands
To find one a prince’s quest
To fulfill his heart’s desire
For genies make wishes come true
Over dunes the heat of the sun a test
And starlit nights beside the campfire
A treasure hunt without any clue
But if a prince should find such a thing
And summon his genie to come
What wishes will give his life zing
Riches, a girl, to me that seems dumb
In the lands where no rain ever falls
Perhaps more water for his people to drink
Would be a more sensible choice
Maybe the genie should advise when he calls
That wishes are rare and a prince should think
Before giving his desires a voice.


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