Self Portrait by Leon Battista Alberti

Self Portrait
Bronze Relief
Collection of National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA

Alberti’s impact on the art world was recognised in his lifetime, he memorialised his own image before he reached the pinnacle of his fame. “Self Portrait” is a modest-sized medallion measuring approximately seven by five inches. It is, however, an important first in Alberti’s oeuvre. The oval relief acknowledges the legacy of classical culture in its resemblance to a cameo. Alberti is remembered for many things, especially his writings and building designs, “Self Portrait” is a piece that proves his skill as an artist and his admiration of antiquity.

Leon Battista Alberti 1404-1472

Leon Battista Alberti
Early Renaissance
Born: 14 February 1404, Genoa, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Died: 25 April 1472, Rome, Italy

Alberti was a humanist author, architect, artist, poet, linguist, philosopher, priest, and cryptographer. He exemplified the nature of the polymath and is considered the founder of Western cryptography