Knowing When to Stop

Inspired by and written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser – thank you, Sadje

I am an introvert and very much a loner, valuing my own space and privacy. Meeting people and socializing makes me feel rather uncomfortable, I won’t say embarrassed but certainly shy. I know how to put up the mask for people to see, I know how to hide behind that mask, so people don’t see the real me – and that is what I must do.

It isn’t ideal by any means, but my mental health is still shaky, so I have to protect me and protect myself from the invasive prying into my personal life. Even writing for this prompt I basically convince myself only Sadje will read it, but I know that might not be true – and I’m not wholly comfortable with that so will stop here.

One thought on “Knowing When to Stop

  1. Thanks for sharing Jezzie. I fully agree that protecting yourself in most important. At times we all wear masks to protect ourselves.


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