Life Lesson

Life Lesson
Form: Epistle

In nearly 57 circuits of the sun, I have had many life lessons come my way. Choosing one that is more important than any other is impossible as they have all been vital in my growth and development into the person I am now.

A life lesson is a teaching not to make that mistake again. They are also helpful in learning who we really are and understanding ourselves better. Life lessons are the hard reality of consequences from action and without those consequences, we don’t learn putting our hands in the fire is a bad idea. They are things we learn the hard way and always too late to prevent the hurt of learning them

If I must choose one thing, I have learned the hard way this year then I have to say it is learning and accepting it is okay to be me, to live my life my way, and follow my own beliefs. Society is judgemental and people like to judge others. That social pressure pushed me off my own path into something that was totally wrong for me and caused a major problem with my mental health. To my chagrin, I knew it was happening but stubbornly refused to do anything about it until my mental health collapsed.

By putting someone else’s aspirations, dreams, and goals before my own I left myself nothing to hold onto, an existence without living. Over 2022 I have done something about it and the hard lesson has been taken on board. Never again will I let someone else influence my vision of life. This is my path and I decide where it takes me


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