Sonnet Reversii Notes

Created by: Visalakshi
Structure: Quatorzain
Meter: Decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: ababcdcdefefgg
Additional Notes: It is lexical where the last word of the first stanza becomes the first/ or beginning of the first word of the second stanza. This pattern continues to the end. The sonnet ends with the same word with which it begins.


We have What’s Needed by Larry Eberhart

Within us all is something from without.
Without a doubt there’s much I can adduce,
adduce some things for you to think about.
About our doubts we have a real excuse.
Excuse me when I claim man’s not correct,
correct in thinking gods must be required.
Requiring dogma leaves a disconnect-
a substitute for answers much desired.
Desiring knowledge is, and must remain –
remain a trait to which we must attend.
Attend to learning; try not to complain.
Complaining sigh won’t help us to contend-
contend with knowing, “How’d it all begin”.
Begin assured, we’ve all we need within

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