Above the Brine

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

This week’s sonnet is the Byronic Sonnet created in honour of that moodiest of moody romantic poets, Lord Byron. Kinda matches the pic well, I think

Above the Brine
Form: Byronic Sonnet

The hidden caves on a rugged coastline
That the ancient smugglers knew so well
Now stories the legends of which we tell
Of pirates and rum and all things fine
And their booty hidden above the brine
Avoiding dutymen and their taxes
By the lunar light before she waxes
They hauled it all in, including fine wine
But the king, he ordered the caves barred up
For taxes paid for his warmongering and sin
His people were left with no booze to sup
No brandy or wine, let them have dry gin
Nowadays those rusty bars remain up
But don’t keep the ghosts of old pirates in

Word Count: 107
Time 14 minutes 40 seconds


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