Mathnawi Notes

The Mathnawi is written in rhyming couplets and emerged from an Iranian form around the 4th-10th century, which goes a long way to explain the form’s Persian name. The subject matter is normally heroic, religious, or romantic.
There is no limit to number of couplets employed, however the lines are usually between ten and twelve syllables.
The rhyme scheme is aa bb cc dd and so on


Where Bloom the Lemon Trees by JezzieG

There is a realm where fantasy and life combine
To be captured in a poet’s written line

Where blooms the fragrant blossom of yellow green
And the scent of lemon trees is often seen

In this land he seeks his brightly feathered quill
As into story-tales time and magic spill

The pen that captures the ever-youthful heart
While recounting sagas that reveal his art.

As Isambard created worlds powered by steam
So, Will captures the imagination’s dream

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