Simple Choice

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Simple Choice
Form: Busta Sonetto 3

Hidden in the density of trees
The secret plans of escape
While humans lurch from scrape to scrape
As the world falls to its knees
And into chaos living must descend
And the time is coming when we will go
Or stay and meet the face of death
A simple choice, still some will say no
And stay until the bitter end
But me I’m gonna take that flight
To see a new world in another place
Born for peace before time stands still
A brighter future born of grace
For me the time has come, the time is right

Word Count: 100

Time: 9 minutes 30 seconds


16 thoughts on “Simple Choice

          1. Are you going through a checklist? I tried that once with different types of poetry but then I found that some are so similar and then there are some that I truly didn’t like. I like Haiku but I find myself repeating ideas. I know it is such a popular form but I don’t know where people come up with enough different ideas and different words…basing it on syllable count that is.

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            1. As I like playing with sonnets, yes I have a massive list which keeps growing, currently at 501 different variants. It can get samey-samey when the reason for variance is based only on the structure – 3 quatrains and a couplet can be very like an octave and a sestet. For your prompt it is tghe speed factor that challebnges me – and some sonnets are just not cut out for speed.

              Now, Haiku, Kimo, and Lune – all very much similar styles, I use word prompts. I also set myself the rule not to use the given word within the three lines looking up synonyms or antonyms instead. I know one shouldn’t title haiku type poems but I usually make the given word the title.

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                1. I am still writing up sonnet notes so write them as I go for that so I am about 60 short. It will get to ooh I only got a few to go and a few more will appear. N ew ones are being created all the time so that isn’t weholly surprising – I am bad for that too as I have created a few

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