Turning Seasons

A Garret Poet

Turning Seasons
Form: Blank Verse

When winter days give way to spring's delight
the sky welcomes the birds again, the air
soon fills with song. The world returns to life,
with ewes and lambs and rabbit kittens too.
In early showers flowers start to grow.
The longer days soon turn to summer sun,
and laughing kids are playing on the beach
while apples ripen on a leafy tree.
hypnotic tennis balls as Nadal wins
another crown. No rain to stop the play.
And so, the cooler breezes turn the year,
and autumn leaves are clustered on the ground
the harvest air that brings a chilling wind
while squirrels scurry, stocking winter stores,
as bonfires crackle with the early frost.
A sparkling snowflake falls on Christmas Eve
and children listen for sleigh bells to ring
for nature sleeps through winters frosty dreams.
The year is drawing to its end, turning

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