Hermit Crab

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

Hermit Crab
Form: Free Verse

The time has come
he must move on
find a new place in which to thrive
to leave his home
in search of better things
to break out from the cage of moral codes
and archaic vows made before reality
shone into his depths with pure light
he needs to cut loose from the ever tightening noose
for love and desire were a trap
between a rock and a hard place
between the devil and the deep
like a hermit crab trapped between the blue sea
and the endless sand of land
he’s burning with dreams out of reach
this world is too small for them both to survive
so he scuttles searching for a new place
to save him from this incineration
before it is too late
and it may seem like the easy option
escaping the torture of a self-made hell
to listen again to the ocean’s inviting roar
he needs to find his own space
in his own shell


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