Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge  – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Free Write

I used to be so good at reading the fine print, and I still do if it’s an old-fashioned paperwork-style fine print. However, when it comes to tick boxing and “I have read the terms and conditions” like most people I tick but sure as hell I ain’t read them. So far, touch wood, that has not caused any major, or minor, problems but perhaps I should read them in the future.

I think people should come with terms and conditions. A this is the reality not the fake smile type thing. Think of the pain and aggro that would solve if you could read the TOCs and make an educated choice. In fact, I know too many people who I would have hit the “Decline” box if I had been more aware. It’s too late once you’ve been sucked in and instead look for ways to not opt-out.

The fine print on products is a real bug for me. Finding a flash of “may contain nuts” on a packet of peanuts – do the manufacturer’s actually think we are that stupid we don’t know that? In the next breath, the companies are moaning that degrees and other qualifications are being “dumbed down”. Well, is it any wonder if we need that fine print put on a packet of peanuts. I am lactose intolerant I get the need to check manufactured goods for ingredients but I don’t know are there really people out there that don’t know a packet of peanuts may contain nuts – guess I will be hitting “Decline” on them

8 thoughts on “T.o.C.s

  1. All good points. Have you noticed that flu vaccines ask if you are allergic to eggs? It is funny ( sad) that today the print gets smaller and the legal repurcussions for not adhering to the terms of the document are getting larger.


    1. Thank you GC. Yes, they always ask if you are allergic to eggs, or dairy for the flu shot. I am not sure what is in it but I haven’t had one for a few years as it makes me really ill.

      You do need a lawyer to fine comb the fine print more these days asit’s all such gobbledygook no one other han a lawyer understands it


  2. The amount of egg in the flu vaccine is minimal thank goodness. I’m allergic to eggs but I am able to tolerate the vaccine. Albumen is also present in several vaccines and some general anaesthetics,
    thank you, Jezzie.

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