Thrifty Beginnings

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Wow, this is a bit of trip back to my late twenties and thirties. Back then I was very much in the closet and doing what I did in private. I learned pretty quickly buying new stuff was a waste of money as within a week or two it would be in a charity shop as I purged myself of anything male. Charity shops became my lifeline in those early days.

Thrifty Beginnings
Form: Free Verse

A grey suit and pale grey shirt
sat on the cash desk
beneath a blue frock
and a black pencil skirt
that first time
my guts churning with fear
she didn’t blink behind her round glasses
not a strange look
not a knowing stare
and I handed her a tenner
before stepping out in the rain
did she notice they came back
in a charity sack just a few weeks later
did she notice me buying chinos and shirts
without a frock and with no skirt
did she notice they took longer to come back
did she know
did she have a clue
not a word did she say
when I asked to try a suit on
he even helped me find a matching tie
perhaps she knew
as I paid the money
this time there would be no charity sack
but several
full of dresses
and Laura Ashley prints
pretty tops with delicate lace
and never worn stiletto shoes
did twinkling blue eyes
behind round glasses know
a man found his style in her charity shop


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