Approval Not Required

Approval Not Required
Form: Free Verse

An old name lies dead
but I will never kill her
that is not what this is about
no, I’m not a princess in a white dress
not anymore
it really didn’t suit me
I’m a prince in blue jeans
with long hair cut short
and a beard instead of lipstick
but even that is not what it’s about
she to he
girl to boy
woman to man
me to, umm, me
this is about me accepting me as me
and it don’t matter what society thinks
and don’t ask me for pronouns
when I don’t give a fuck
what you use behind my back
and I care even less what you say
because you are too damn chickenshit
to say it to my face
and no I don’t want
or need your fucking approval
as it, like you, means nothing to me


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