Whisperings of a Witch

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

With Samhain only 19 days away (oooh this wee witch can’t help himself) I feel myself getting stronger spiritually and mentally. After a really lousy end to 2021 and an even worse beginning to 2022, I am amazed I am even here and I’m ready to close out a really tough year. Samhain is a time to reflect on the year passed ready for a fresh start in November. Here goes…

Whisperings of a Witch
Form: Free verse

Io io io
and happy new year as love died in November rain
as the lights went out
icy winds of winter hold no compassion
yet in the darkness the veil was thin
namaste, namaste
go back
it’s not time
go back
io io io
shintay shintay
io to spring
new life dancing yellow on the field
the all clear
the all is good
and light returns on a warm April breeze
my lady of May dances at Beltane
a promised remade
one love
one ring
a vow made so long ago
an oath for all time
for true love never dies
io io shintay
io summer sun and a jubilee
the field is dry and brown
berries shrinking on the bramble hedge
no rain
no water
they have nothing to drink
namaste sunrise
sunset namaste
walking the dog avoiding the heat
chasing the shadows of coolness
a brief respite in the forty degrees
shintay io
io autumnal haze
dusting red and amber on a green field
the Queen is dead
long live the King
cold nights and sunny days
roaming clouds bring showers of rain
red floating down with gold
colours abound cover the ground
the year must end so let it go
let go
let go
io io


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