The Jeans Cycle

The Jeans Cycle
Form: Free Verse

When did it change
that difference between then and now
of choosing a blouse that fits with a skirt
that fits with the shoes
that fits the occasion
that fits with conformity
when any t-shirt goes
with a pair of jeans
and they fit the occasion
whether work or seeing a friend
walking the dog or reading a book
the only choice now is whether the occasion demands
trainers, boots or a comfy pair of slippers
and the shopping is easy
a pair of jeans size 34
at least they will fit for a while
as I am losing weight
the rest need a belt
but it won’t be long before new joins the old
with streak of paint on the thigh
and a bit longer until the paint doesn’t fade like it used to
so I buy a new pair of jeans
the same colour and style and maybe a 32
and start again
when did this happen
when did it change
when did I feel comfort in my own style and taste?


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