Glinting Reflection

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

I remembered making some notes in my writing journal on looking through the window this summer so I have pulled them up and will see where it takes the creative gene and a bit of Clapton while I’m at it.. here goes

Glinting Reflection
Form: Free Verse

The sorrow inside weeps
my tears like raindrops on the pane
unhindered they convey loss from my heart
yet through the window
glimpses of sunshine peek through the clouds
glinting a sparkle on the pond
in nature’s way to soften the pain
the future remains and I have to live it
and in my tears that scares me
making it hard to see possibility
and I stare out through the window
at the dancing reflections of sunshine
the garden so peaceful and serene
offering tranquillity to a heart in turmoil
in my garden where I am at ease
by my pond where my mind can rest
a place of sweet memories of you and me
together, when the living was best
and through the window I see
the jasmine growing wild in the sunshine
without your hand to tame it
and out of the drawer I take your cutters
walking out to the snipping snip
putting the shrub back in order
outside I feel the sunshine
rest on my shoulders
a burst of reminder sunshine glints from the window
an invitation to step outside
and feel the warmth of your love again


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