Field with No Rabbits

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

The early morning walk with Lilydog we went to the field as usual. She likes to chase the rabbits that are not there. After the rain of last night, the moisture was misting up from the grass in the bright sunshine of the morning – all rather eery and atmospheric. We got in and this prompt, well here goes…

Field with No Rabbits
Form: Free Verse

Wind and rain rattles at the gate
echoing into the dreams of the night
dreams of mystery
in the strange happenings of imagination
until the sunrises over a cup of tea
waking up to a bright autumn day
boots and leash ready
the poet and her walk the steamy drying path
through the amorous kissing gate
a click of the clip and she’s gone
looking for the rabbits
as is the want of a daft spaniel dog
and I follow turning on to the field
eerily clad in lilac-grey mist
where the clumps of dying wild grasses
no longer brown and withering
blur into a purple fusion of shape
the birds are oddly silent
not a twitter
not a flutter
even the old raven sits silent on the branch of the old oak
waiting but waiting for what
perhaps his imagination is playing games too
I say good morning as I walk past
and back to the corner
it is my turn to wait
for the bouncing purple shape of a dog
to finish the chase
and I wonder are the invisible rabbits purple too


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