It Must Be Love

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

This just invites an “The Poet and Her” write. Now whether the ‘Her’ is Lilydog the spanner spaniel or Shadow the Ninja cat who fits in with the phrase Pernickity Pets – who am I kidding they both do. However, without them life would be pointlessly empty – it must be love

The Poet and Her: It Must be Love
Form: Free Verse

It’s been a long night of insomniac thinking
when my head finally lets go to sleep
and the soggy nose nuzzles my hand
she wants to go out at 530am
but not on her own
the sun isn’t awake
but the poet has to go too
while she snuffles about
looking for the right spot
the perfect spot
the only spot for a pee
she’s straight back in to her cosy bed
with brown eyes of you gotta love me
and it’s just as well I do
so the poet heads back to his bed
and amber eyes of it’s not your bed gaze at me
seeking her attention
but not wanting a fuss
‘go on rub my belly’
but I know it’s a trap
moving her over gently instead
for a few inches of bed
so to sleep by the grace of the cat
yet I wouldn’t change a thing
for my girls know they have a poet’s love


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