What Do You See – Behind the Fence

Inspired by and written for What Do You See – thank you, Sadje

What a truly magnificent cat, and my heart is hoping those fences are to protect him and his pride from the trophy hunters and poachers. What a sad world we live in that we have to do that. That’s got me going…

Behind the Fence
Form: Free verse

He wants to be free
he wants to cut loose
to reign the savannah with a mighty roar
but the world is a cruel place
what would become of his cubs
if his head became a trophy of violence
hung in vanity over a rich man’s fireplace
he wants to be free
but his freedom to live is behind fences
the only defences
against an offensive world
that only sees money in possession
his glorious mane the hunter’s obsession
and he looks out on his world
unaware of a battle being fought
by the hearts of compassion
against those who kill for fun


4 thoughts on “What Do You See – Behind the Fence

  1. A very moving poem Raven. Yes, humans have proved themselves to be shellfish and cruel time and time again. The wildlife needs protection against them instead of the other way around. Thanks for joining in.

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