Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

Gratitude is a powerful thing
and it is difficult to know where to start with gratitude towards self
what are the aspects of me I am grateful to have
in times of low self-esteem it’s even more difficult
reliance then falls to those core aspects
aspects that nothing and no one can knock off kilter
for me that is my spirituality
that spiritual path that I know I should be walking
and when I am not I know I need to get back on it
whatever it takes I need to regain my footing
and get back on it
and I am grateful I know how to do that
the ability to isolate myself so I can look at my life
look at the ways I am going wrong
try and find solutions or if not
eradicate them completely as they are not for me
and I am grateful that at these times I can find the strength and wherewithal
to make decisions and take actions needed
even if they hurt me and sometimes others
simple fact
if something is wrong it is wrong
that needs sorting
and I should be grateful I can do that


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