Simply 6 Minutes – What?

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

My initial reaction is how do I make that cutie a sonnet. And then a line jumped into my head that comes from my youngest whose first comprehensible sentence was ‘you what?’. He’s now 32 and not so cute– which really doesn’t help with sonnetry but with a bit of cheating, I think it can be done so this week it is 6-syllable lines. Here goes…

Form: Betwixt Sonnet

She talks in baby talk
About I know not what
My frown that says a lot
Confused before I walk
She says I need a poo
And I know I do not
A nappy change her shot
Still she hasn’t a clue
This teddy is in my face
I give it all I got
Getting through I am not
Move it out of my space
Coochie-coo I wonder what
You what? You what? You what?

Word Count: 75
Time: 5 minutes and 45 seconds – well, shucks!!!!


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