Writephoto – No Time To Stop

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you KL

Here in the UK, life has been rather somber as many of us reflect on the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The unfolding traditions have been interesting, the first time much of the Accession rituals have been seen by so many as it was covered by the TV. Given HM Charles III has just lost his beloved mother it is not hard to see the deep sadness that comes from such a bereavement in his eyes. Like many others, I know that sadness only too well, and that has me thinking, here goes…

The Red Door – Image by KL Caley

No Time To Stop
Sicilian Quatrain

All colours fade back into black
Tainted by sadness deep inside
Still we must walk destiny’s track
In smiles where no tears can confide
She is gone the announcement said
Long live the King, no time to stop
Duty before self the path ahead
And mourning becomes a backdrop
Slow steps along the city street
Past the faces who stand and wait
As a bell tolls the sombre beat
Her Majesty Lying in State
For His Majesty’s shoulders now bare
The weight of a nation in its grief
His own sadness he cannot share
For he’s the commander in chief


11 thoughts on “Writephoto – No Time To Stop

  1. This is so very beautiful, Jez. At a time when most of us would curl under a duvet and hide from the world, he has to face the world. An excellent #writephoto entry, thank you so much for sharing it with us. KL ❤

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