Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II

In 1947 Queen Elizabeth II, then 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth, made the following oath to devote her life to the service of our nation and the Commonwealth. A promise that she kept until her death today at the age of 96. It is in the keeping of this promise Her Majesty earned the respect of a teenager, and the respect and deep honour of the older man I am now. To live a life of duty, constantly in the public eye cannot of been easy. How many times must she have wanted to just walk away and be done with it? She didn’t. For that I cannot disrespect her, for that I cannot dishonour her – this beautiful girl coming into her womanhood gave us her all, and today we say good bye, Ma’am, and thank you.

I have never known anyone else as my head of state, and ruler of my nation until this evening when Charles, Prince of Wales, instantly succeeded his mother to become our King. At various points in my 56 years, and for various reasons, I have pledged my own allegiance to my Queen, as the ruler of my nation. I did so willingly, and still do, but now that pledge is to my King

May Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace

Long live King Charles III

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