Simply 6 Minutes – Go Away I’m Reading

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Oh yes, I get the feeling for this picture. I am an avid reader and I like to read in peace and quiet away from everyone – it’s my time in my space. Given I read a lot of crime fiction the police tape should be on my bedroom door – for now, a Keep Out sign will do. This week’s sonnet is the Balanced Sonnet

Go Away I’m Reading
Form: Balanced Sonnet

The damn phone that doesn’t stop it’s ring-ring
And the list of calls left unanswered grow
For talking right now is just not my thing
I’m reading a book like you didn’t know
So stop calling me and leave me alone
A plot thickens while the outside winds blow
And I am not picking up that damn phone
My mind is lost while turning a new page
And by my side the cuppa has got cold
Imagination runs out of its cage
Just leave me alone, I’m not yours to hold
I am in overtime with the dapper sleuth
As Lord Peter and I begin to engage
Leave me alone, before the words uncouth

Word count: 114
Time: 9 minutes 45 seconds


11 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes – Go Away I’m Reading

    1. It is fun writng the sonnets for your prompts, even if I fail the time limit – I think there are one or two sonnet forms that may just do it -not anywhere near them yet as I am going down my list of form. I like trying though

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        1. This is where it gets a little scary – when I started out making notes on different sonnets I didn’t think I’d still be here writing notes now – currently my ever growing list stands at 262, I have written up notes for 211. That doesn’t include the 120 variants a piece of the Ivorian and Rovi sonnets.

          So in answer to your question – there is a lot.

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