Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Time to Tee

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

I know mini golf as crazy golf, we also had pitch and putt. These days I am a bit of a bad golfer despite loving getting out with my clubs as often as I can. Tiger Woods is one of my heroes and not only for his golf. I am going to run with the idea of golf – here goes…

Time to Tee
Form: Free Verse

Long gone are the days of pitch and putt
with my uncle guiding the aim of my shot
when we played the green every Sunday
leaving the old ladies to their church
for the glory of a hole in one
such a rarity it became the sacred dream
shooting for a hole the eye cannot see
striking the ball from the tee
and watching it fly the skies
towards a fluttering flag
my dream to simply hit the green
before putting that holy orb
into the depths of darkness
marking the pad a score
with a childlike squeal
but that was the first
seventeen more to do
before heading home for tea
nowadays my aim is much better
and I ain’t squealing on the fairway
enjoying it’s sanctuary of peace is far better
and I no longer dream of being Tiger
instead I am thinking of characters and fiction
jotting ideas on the pad instead of a score
out on the fairway pondering with dreams
with my clubs
I’m always a winner


2 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Time to Tee

  1. I was once told off on the golf course by a famous singer for making too much noise, I was meant to be caddying for my late husband, in truth I was just trailing after him. We’d flown to the Isle of Man for a special golfing event. It was raining and windy. Our golfing umbrella turned inside out and I squealed! My husband wasn’t impressed with the man and called him a few choice names!

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