Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Biker Dudes

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

I love two-wheels, but I have to admit I would rather a Suzuki Gixxer (not exactly a moped) to a Raleigh, I think that was the pushbike I had as a kid. Somehow “Funky Moped” made #5 in the UK charts, the B-side was “Magic Roundabout” so we all know what sold that record, right?

Biker Dudes
Form: Muzdawwidj

Each year they would say what would like
For Christmas and I’d glare at my old trike
I really wanted a bike
And each year I’d hope under the tree
A sparkling bowed bike would be
But no not this year not for me
So I made do with the old tricycle
Until me and my mate, Michael
Built a proper two-wheeled bicycle
Now the fun we were gonna raise
Has we sped off into the summer haze
Ended up with knees in a graze
We’d made some obvious mistakes
While distracted by mum’s chocolate cakes
We had forgotten the brakes
But we were willing to learn
We bought brakes with the money we earned
Now we were ready to burn
At last our bike was really brill
And we were up for the thrill, until
We had to cycle uphill
And this year they asked what I would like
And I said I wanted a fast and loud motorbike
They said take a hike

And for all that patiently read through to the end, here’s Jasper and “Magic Roundabout”


5 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Biker Dudes

  1. This is really odd. I know I read this yesterday and I was certain I commented. 😃
    I loved riding on my boyfriend’s motorbike when I was a young. All the boys at the youth club had bikes! Such fun times! 🙂

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    1. Oh yeah, I remember all the boys at youth club had bikes, a male right of passage back then I think. Came a few years later for me to avoid the raised eyebrows

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