In the Beginning was the Image by Asger Jorn

In the Beginning was the Image by Asger Jorn

In the Beginning was the Image
Acrylic on canvas

A highly abstracted work, “In the Beginning was the Image” is dominated by the primary colours red, yellow, and blue. From the swirling movement at its centre, larger fields of colour emerge towards the outer edges giving the impression of a primordial soup. Face seemingly emanates from the bottom of the image with scratched formations indicative of cave-painting appearing above it. Jorn seems to convey access to thought-before-words in this painting, uncorrupted by the social realms of language.

Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn
Art Informel, Art Brut and Outsider Art, Neo-Dada, CoBrA Group, Situationist International
Born: 3 March 1914, Jutland, Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Died: 1 May 1973, Aarhus, Denmark

Jorn was a painter, sculptor, ceramic artist, and author. A founding member of CoBrA and the Situationist International the largest collection of his work, including Stalingrad, is housed by the Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Denmark