Simply 6 minutes- Moonlight’s Song

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Well I can’t deny it, and never would, the picture just took my Pagan heart and took me to one of my favourite songs – and of course a moon sonnet for the sacred Mother Moon herself. Blessed be, in love and light )O(

Moonlight’s Song
Form: Acrostic Sonnet

Mother of tides lend me your song
Over the seas echoes of grace
Open my heart and keep me strong
Night-time lady show me your face
Lace my dreams in the ways of light
Invite my soul to go your way
Grant me peace in this world of fight
Hold my heart safe until the day
To trust in your love I am bound
Seeing truth in your lunar glow
Senses burning on silver ground
Oh lady moon I feel your flow
Never-ending rhythm of life
Gentle touch in a world of strife

Word Count: 94
Time: 18 minutes


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