Simply 6 Minutes – She’s Taking It Back

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

As a biker maybe I should be shocked and horrified, but the bike, albeit a tad rusty and in need of some TLC, is not damaged so I figure this is not a crash site. The truth is I love the power of nature this image creates so challenge on a sonnet in 6 minutes. Here goes

She’s Taking It Back
Form: 13 Line Sonnet — abab cdcd efef g

We think we own it and are in control
Our modern thinking setting all the rules
Money and more money the only goal
And love is sold for the sparkling jewels
Nature has lost because we have her bound
Restricted to what we want her to do
But she’s working her wisdom underground
Ignoring her warnings where fierce winds blew
Dumping our trash that we don’t need no more
A sports car replacing the need to bike
Fly-tipping here and there worse than before
We don’t care so what if nature doesn’t like
Mother Earth in silence does it her way

Word Count: 102
Time: 12 minutes


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