Simply 6 Minutes – Until Today

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Been a long while since I have written free hand to a time limit so here goes

Until Today
Form: Prose
Theme: Witchery of Sorts
Subject: Dragon’s Blood

As a witch, I use Dragon’s Blood incense in a lot of rituals and witchery. Yes, I know it is not made from the blood of dragons but a resin harvested from trees and plants. Well, I had never seen a dragon’s blood tree – until today.

Dragon’s blood is a key ingredient in magic for protection, power, and good fortune. I know this, and have felt its protective qualities, its powerful energies, and benefited from the good fortune of insight it gives me. Yet, I had never seen a dragon’s blood tree – until today.

However, it doesn’t have the power to slow down time and this is a timed write – eek. Better get a move on. Seeing the tree I can see how protection is part of its power. It’s greenery seems spikey and very much touch if you dare. That may explain my love of the incense a bit more as I am spikey and touch if you dare in nature.

I won’t say I understand the power of this incense but my experience has shown me it intensifies the energies of other things used with it. If I know shady or negative energies are going to be coming into contact with me or have been in contact with me I have felt them leave when smudging with sage and dragon’s blood – oh yes those negative boogers leave and leave in a hurry.

I’d call that pretty useful for a spikey, touch if you dare type … time’s up.

Word Count: 249


9 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes – Until Today

    1. Absolutely true. White sage is good for cleansing and removing unwanted energy – dragon’s blood will increase the energy of whatever else you are using if it needs that bit extra. I worked a smudge (cleanising) on Saturday just gone to protect myself a banish the negativity I knew was coming – the result was the negativity didn’t even dare to come in my house.

      My love and light
      Blessed be

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