Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Sapling

Inspired by Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue

I didn’t get much further than the DH Lawrence quote “Instead of chopping yourself down to fit the world, chop the world down to fit yourself” to be honest. And sure enough, the mulling creatures of my mind are rolling it over – and I swear some are looking at me saying ‘that’s you that is’. And as I’m thinking, Planet Rock is on my DAB and Fleetwood Mac comes on – Ok JezzieG, grab your pad and pen, and a brew, of course, and to the pond to scribble.

Form: Free Verse

Sat here alone
in the tears of not good enough
of always being wrong
of not fitting in the right boxes
and not being who you want me to be
so you can be you
and when I’m alone the feelings
change to self-hate
and the dark shadows of degradation
turn on me
pushing me closer to eternal oblivion
until something screams
‘I can’t keep doing this’
and I think of the oak sapling
hidden in the darkness
desperately seeking the light
alone in the dark it cannot grow
before the dead wood meets the woodcutter’s axe
chopped down
revealing the sunlight
above the canopy of leaves
and the sapling soars to a mighty oak
my axe is that of self-worth
hacking and chopping the deadwood
of negativity holding me in darkness
releasing my spirit to the blue skies
so I can grow strong again
and fly where the raven soars
to go my own way


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