Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Not So Old Style

Written to the Wednesday Challenge prompt from gc – many thanks for inspiring my writing once again

Well I know I am a kitchen gadget nut as I love cooking but outside of that who needs them – well thinking about it. It seems I do

Not So Old Style
Form: Burns’ Stanza
Theme: Home
Subject: Gadgets

I thought I was an old-style guy
With few mod cons helping me by
Perhaps I’m wrong or so thought I
The DAB that wakes me up
And the morning is still quite shy
As coffee drips in cup
That’s two before my brain awakes
And the mobile vibrates and shakes
Sipping my coffee as dawn breaks
Denmark is calling me
The Viking speaks they need more takes
That’s how it goes you see
I see a message on my pad
The prompt is in, the poet’s glad
He needs the break from working mad
Gadgets? I have so few
And the laptop casts out its shad
That’s five I’m shocked its’s true
And I’ve not started cooking yet
Pasta machine already set
Lasagne for tea a good bet
And the stand mixer waits
The air-fryer and smoothie set
How is there room for plates?
I think it is time to admit
I use more than the one gadget
For in my life they seem to fit
But one I really need
A teasmaid by my bed to sit
Oh yeah that’s one I need


11 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Not So Old Style

  1. Jez, I love this. Thank you for your super poem.

    As a retirement gift, my eldest bought me a little coffee pod machine for the bedroom. Best gift ever. Switch it on and two minutes later I’m back in my bed sipping my coffee. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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