Tylwyth Teg

Tylwyth Teg
Form: Byr a Thoddaid
Theme: Mythology
Subject: A Forest

At home within the forest trees
Where sunlight cannot reach with ease
The fairy folk gather in leafy shadows
And therein magic grows
Dancing amid the dappled light
Disturbing trees with their delight
As their footsteps scatter pollen around
Clattering leaves without sound
Giggling at drops of April rain
As the ground turns to mud again
And their voices echo with the birdsong
So slow the night is long
Twigs and branches to build the fire
With crows and ravens they conspire
A deck of cards to deal a poker hand
Check the bet on cards held
The man comes lost deep in the wood
Soon sent packing from where he stood
With fairy wisdom flowing in his head
To go now where he’s lead
To spread laughter where there is tears
Console strangers facing dark fears
For this is the wisdom of forest fae
The jiz of come what may


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