Form: Free Verse
Theme: Life
Subject: An empty can

It’s just one can
dropping it won’t make a difference
someone will pick it up
it’s their job, not mine
who cares anyway
but what if we all thought
it’s just one can


2 thoughts on “Litter

  1. Hey Jez
    allow traveller

    Here’s my Litter piece (about 5 years+ ago)
    Ubiquitous litter,
    the unmind of the street.
    And body cocooned
    in self, its abrupt stop
    at the cast-off, dropped.

    Clear-up: what they’re
    paid for. And ‘paid for’
    is the undersong of the street.
    They are everything
    that we are not.
    So much is allowed:
    the others are laughed at.

    Trouble is tribal; its codes
    are nodes; their transmissions
    drop packets into pixels, bicker
    with the street chatter,
    counter assistant, barista.

    Scouring streets for the half-
    open, the door of somebody;
    and to feed there.
    The corpse of innocence,
    the unprotected,
    kicked over, picked clean,

    Best wishes.

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